‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

Pirmasis mano 2018 metų pusmetis buvo paskirtas su pertraukomis (dėl suprantamų  užimtumo priežasčių) „Sopranams” – serialui, pasakojančiam apie viena šeimą. Mafijos šeimą. Ir boso Tony Soprano tikrąją šeimą. Kiek ji tikresnė už biznio šeimą patiems mafijos nariams – kartais serialo eigoje kertiniuose vertybių lūžiuose gali suabejoti.

Mane sužavėjo šis serialas tuom, kiek temų vienu ypu jis aprėpia savo scenarijumi. Todėl taip, kad surinkau citatas, atsitiko visai netyčia – man tiesiog užstrigo viena veikėjos frazė, ir aš ją užrašiau. Paskui pradėjau užrašinėti visas… Ir taip išėjo, kad kai sukėliau visas į vieną failą, pamačiau, kad išeina beveik 10 000 žodžių. Sutvarkiau, iškopiravau – 7000. Ir kiek dar dėl neatidumo praleista gali būti!

Tad pamaniau, kad keliomis dalimis būtų nieko su Jumis pasidalinti tomis citatomis, kurias prikaupiau. Jei Jūs nieko prieš..?

Šiame įraše pirmieji sezonai – skaitydami visas dalis, matysite, kaip progresuoja scenarijaus rašymas – man pačiai buvo labai įdomu tai užfiksuoti. Tiesa, kad nebūtų spoileris – citatų iškarpos išmėtytos skirtingomis dalimis.

Taigi, prašom:

  • „What’s different between you and me? It’s you’re going to hell when you die.“
  • „I’m not dead, unfortunately for some.“
    • „Jack’s so mean he’s gonna scare his cancer away.”
    • „You know the thing about us wise guys? The hustle never ends.“
    • „What do your wife, your mother and your daughter have in common?“ „They all break my balls.“
    • „That’s the problem with you people: every time you see a problem, you turn it into a disease!“
    • ‘I can’t tell if you’re old-fashioned, you’re paranoid or just a fucking asshole.“
    • “It’s a new fucking day!” “It’s fucking depressing.”
    • “Yeah, go silent, that’s you. You’re just screaming your head off or fucking dead!”
    • “I love you.” “That is such a lie.”
    • “Top guys have dark mood. Winston Churchill – he drank one pale of brandy before breakfast. And Napoleon? He was moody fuck, too.”
    • “She’s too miserable to die.”
    • “What this thing needs is what we call a “brogan adjustment*” [*tapke padaužyt televizorių ar kažką, kas neveikia[
    • “Oh Christ, let the pope live with him!“
    • “How come every piss I take is a new story?”
    • “There’s no cure for life.”
    • “If you’re looking for purpose of life, doing what’s right is your purpose.“
    • “Well, Sartre was a fucking fraud.”
    • ‘The world is a jungle. And if you want my advice Anthony – don’t expect happiness.”
    • ‘When you’re married you understand the important of fresh products.”
    • “We need to talk. You need to listen.”
    • “We’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell.”
    • “We weren’t educated like the Americans, but we had the balls to take what we wanted.”
    • “Do what you do to a girl you wanna fuck. Make him love you.“
    • “You can’t be honest with me, so at least have balls to be honest with yourself”
    • “You’re only religious when it suits you”
    • “I’m supposed to get vasectomy when this is my male heir?”
    • “I gotta learn to control my emotions around the people I love.”
    • “So I get mad at you. I see myself in you.”
    • “All I want is you. That’s all I ever wanted. I want you to be true and to be mine.”
    • “I gotta be loyal. Without that we crumble.”
    • “Are you smoking marijuana? I wanna watch the TV!”
    • “It’s bittersweet, this period. You’re glad they’re growing up, but you’re sad to lose them.”
    • “Those who want respect, give respect.”
    • “You know what’s even stranger? For a second, I believed you.”
    • “Better be good. I’m in the WWIII over there.”
    • “I’’m gonna say some bad words. and you’re gonna have to deal with it.”
    • “My fucking head is swimming here!”
    • “I’m always being sent away. Why do I even bother going anywhere?”
    • “There’s nothing with wanting to be safe. That’s a basic human need.”
    • “Don’t mess with the Russians, Janice. That’s all I’m gonna say.”
    • “Being a parent. This is the hardest job. This shit’s tougher than any of this we do.”
  • “The whole fucking world’s about your self-esteem. Or maybe you don’t have enough.”
  • “You haven’t talked to me in weeks, but my money’s still green.”
  • “Every time I hear your voice on the phone, I know what it’s gonna cost me. Time. Money. You never do anything to simplify my life.”
  • “He smoked those Camels since he was in short pants”
  • “A night like this, you’re gonna make me drink alone?”
  • “Going into business with a gangsta isn’t a risk. That is a guiranteed disaster!”
  • “Artie, when are you gonna learn? Be happy in thine self!”
  • “For what? For talking to some putana?“
  • “When you’re sick, people look at you differently, they treat like a fucking nonentity. I’m not kidding.”
  • “Be sure to call when you need some money.”
  • “But I’ve got a family. They give me gifts.”
  • “Why was I born handsome instead of rich?”
  • “You’re being particularly quiet today?” “Sometimes I got nothing to say.”
  • “Do yourself a favor, keep what you hear to yourself.”
  • “That’s why they invented microwaves. For inconsiderate husbands.”
  • “It seems like she sleeps an awful lot.” “They all do” [apie studentus]
  • “These doctors. It’s not like on TV”
  • “You’re not even married yet, you’re dipping into whores already”
  • “And one thing you can’t say – the thing you haven’t been told”
  • “You and those romance novels, Rosalie.”
  • “Fine, I’ll call. But my excuse will be not as far as nice as yours.”
  • “Serial killer. I murdered 7 relationships.”
  • “Particulars aren’t important. He fucked up.”
  • “It’s not that I don’t wanna go. I’ve been hurt. Just give me some time, okay?”
  • “I have to sit there and take care of these people hour after hour. With all their problems. And some of them are very real. And very serious. And I’m sorry. I care, I really do. But it’s hard sometimes, I just wanna say, “I hurt!””
  • “It takes tremendous strength of will and inner resource to soldier on as you do at your work.”
  • “Good questions.” “Then what’s the fucking answer?” “Who said there is one. That’s what being a boss is. You steer the ship the best you know. Sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can”
  • “On your mother’s birthday?” “It was not. It was after midnight”
  • “Just when everything was going good, huh?”
  • “ the men in our lives have been, you know what, and we stay together, “
  • Amazing thing about snakes is that they reproduce spontaneously.” “What do you mean?” “They have both male and female sex organs. That’s why somebody you don’t trust, you call a snake. How can you trust a guy who can literally go fuck themselves?” “Don’t you think that expression would come from the Adam and Eve story? When the snake tempted Eve to eat apple?” “Hey, snakes were fucking themselves long before and Adam and Eve showed up, T“
  • “Well I guess that’s how life is. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good. Things come and things go.”
  • “You know you sometimes gotta get away and stop and smell the gorilla shit”
  • “The progress you make is entirely up to you.”
  • “I’m just thinking about our former friend.” “Never about me. Never!”

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