‘Sex and the City’ citatos: vertingos (nebūtinai tik Niujorko) moteriškos patirtys & patarimėliai

“As I walked away, I had a thought: maybe all men are a drug. Sometimes – they bring you down and sometimes – like now – they get you so high.”

“She’s not gonna have sex, she’s gonna look like sex.” “That’s right, I’m a trailer.”
“Interesting dress.” “Meaning?” “Interesting dress.”
“And if he doesn’t call me, I’ll always think of him fondly… as an asshole.”
“Stop blaming yourself.” “No, I don’t blame myself, I blame the dress, the dress”
“Since Livia wasn’t that gorgeous, he didn’t feel the pressure.”
“Well, if the sex is good, who cares what people are gonna think?”
“Didn’t he show up here because I slept with him on a first date?” “Well obviously, when you sleep with a man on a first date you’ll never be anything more than just sex.”
“You’re a whore.” “I wish that were true.”
“There was so many answers I wanted him to give but not to ask.”
“Well what was the blowjob of the 80s?” “Anal sex”. “70s?” “Any sex.”
“But you don’t have relationships” “Which is why I have great sex.”
“Why is it that sometimes putting a tie on a man’s neck is sexier than taking it off?”
“So I did what any writer would do – I took idea out of my ass.”
“Look, we were having threesomes because we both wanted someone else.”
“It’s always better to marry someone who loves you more than you love them.”
“Well with a breath like that you’re gonna live a very long life… alone.”
“Puberty is a phase. 15 years of rejection is a lifestyle.”
“It was the moment Samantha realised, that with all the effort, he was still The Turtle in Black.”
“My Zen teacher also said: if you want to be happy, you have to live in the moment and not think about the future. Of course he died penniless and single.”
“Let’s be honest, sometimes there is nothing harder in life than being happy for somebody else.”
“So all I have to do to get an ideal man is to… give birth to him.”
“One day you’re gonna wake up, you’re not gonna recognize yourself.”
“Normal is the halfway point of what you want and what you get.”
“You’re a woman and they don’t want women to be human.”
“They [men] aren’t that complicated. They’re kinda like plants.“
“The only hotter thing than having sex is not having sex.”
“Odd, how normal sometimes can feel so uncomfortable.”
“Whatever. Catholics, episcopalians, buddhists, shakers, quakers – all the same, all designed to fuck up our sex lives.”
“We’ve turned into one of those couples we hate and I’m lovin’ it!”
“All she had to do is to believe it.”
“After he left, I cried for a week. And then I realised I do have faith. Faith in myself. Faith in that one day I’ll meet someone who’ll be sure.”
“The only way to get over somebody is to feel really bad, to get out with your girlfriends and repeat everything you hated about it over and over in your head.”
“But why do men do this? I mean, how would they feel if we stood around in public touching ourselves?” “They’d love it.”
“Break up rule number 3: until emotionally stabilised, enter NO stores.“
“Break up rule number 4: never stop thinking about him. Because the moment you stop thinking about him is exactly the same moment he’ll appear.”
“And finally, the most important break up rule number 5: no matter who broke your heart and how long it takes to heal, you’ll never gonna get through it without your friends.”
“I thought you were leaving him?” “I did but if he calls I wanna be there to tell him I don’t wanna talk to him.“
“Well, men… they can never say ‘I was wrong’, they just send you flowers.”
“You know, sometimes rose is just a rose.”
“I couldn’t believe it: I just invited my ex and his date to my birthday party. If getting older wasn’t bad enough.”
“Samantha didn’t believe in first date. She believed in sex after it.”
“See, this is why I don’t date! Men out there are complete freaks!”
“When Charlotte really liked a guy, she used to say his full name, so she could imagine it on her future monogrammed towels.”
“He’s so cute to be so nasty!”
“Rough night?” “Bad date.”
“That’s why I don’t date anymore. Women are bizarre. Sometimes in a good way.”
“Wouldn’t you want to have a dinner with me?” “I thought you didn’t date.” “That wouldn’t be a date. That would be a non-date.”
“Favourite ice cream?” “Strawberry.” “Oh, I see you’re boring.”
“I thought you actually were the normal one.” “I was.”
“The truth is, it’s not just the men. All of us!”
“Enjoy them, but don’t expect them to you fill you up… except when, you know.”
“Oh I agree… You’re single, fabulous and fucked.”
“Look at this, he climbed on the top of her and the next thing you know –  she’s humming. No wonder men are so lost. They have no idea there’s more work involved!”
“What’s the big mystery? It’s my clitoris, not the sphinx!”
“If I had a son, I’d tell him about vagina!” “If you had a son, we’d call a social service.”
“What do you mean? All the other women I’ve slept with were faking it?!”
“Look,  a woman’s anatomy is a little bit more compl…” “Hey, I know anatomy well, I’m a doctor!” “You’re an eye doctor.”
“Hi, I hate you!” “Join the club! I hate me, too!”
“He was one of the men who faked their future to get what he wanted.”
“No matter how much it hurts, sometimes it’s better to be alone than to fake it.”
“Javier loved good clothes. Unfortunately, Javier loved more heroine.”
“She’s beautiful!” “She wasn’t a week ago.”
“You’re smoking at a funeral?!” “Javier would have wanted that.”
“One man’s death was another woman’s PR opportunity.”
“The widower thing is definite ’no no’.” “Why?!” “It doesn’t matter how much of a bitch she was alive, now she’s dead and you’re the bitch who can’t live up to her.”
“Just got back from a funeral.” “Oh, and you thought of me? I’m flattered!”
“On a dead woman’s watch, Ned came back to life… twice.”
“So you’re saying you fucked him back to life?”
“Your idea of heaven is a bed?”
“You might know me from the work with Javier’s foundation?” “No, that’s not it… I believe you were the whore who once groped my husband.”
“Please, breathe breathe breathe”
“She was prepared to live in a shadow of a dead one, not of three alive.“
“Miranda had a choice: she either type it [‘single’] or have a panic attack.“
“But the guilt worked as an aphrodisiac.”
“Sweetheart, you can’t listen to every tiny voice in your head, it’ll drive you nuts”
“Power lesbians and their shoes are like Wall Street brokers with their cigars.“
“If it feels okay, why are you sleeping with him behind our backs?”
“I missed you.” “Did you cry?” “No. But I did listen to hell of a Sinatra.”
“Miranda found herself in a situation every woman dreams to find herself on: a truly great date. Unfortunately, it was someone else’s.”
“It’s a love at first sight.” “Oh, honey, no, this isn’t love, this is about two people justifying a week of non-stop fucking.“
“I don’t understand why women are so obsessed with getting married. Married people want to be single again!”
“How can you forget whom you slept with?” “I don’t think we’re in single digits anymore…”
“So I’m officially out of men to fuck. I have to get married or move.”
“I have to start writing things down, I also have to start heavily drinking!”
“And suddenly, I realised: two people were committing for a lifetime, and I couldn’t get a guy on a card together.”
“I think I know you from somewhere…” “It’s very possible we fucked.” “No, no, I think I know you from college.” “Then we probably fucked in college.“
“Ed’s touch wasn’t the touch of an old man.” „Unfortunately, Ed’s ass was an ass of the old man.“
“Once you start to change a man, it’s doomed.”
“Reminder: you’re dating a man, not his penis.”
“It’s not what it looks like, it’s what they can do with it.”
“You’re very very arrogant.” “I thought you liked that about me.”
“The only thing I changed, was girlfriends.”
“So maybe you can’t change a man, but once in a blue moon, you can change a woman.“
“You know, it’s interesting. You can tell a man “I hate you” – the best sex in your life, but if you tell him “I love you” – you probably will never see him again.”
“I’m not being a bitch, I’m just being myself”
“I realised relationships had their own cast system. There’s the person who says “I love you”, and there’s the person who never responds.”
“Look, I love you. It’s just a tough thing for me to say, because I feel like it gets me in trouble everytime when I say it.“
“I think, everything before I love you just doesn’t count“
“Your right ovary has stopped producing eggs.” “Is it possible that it’s just on strike?”
“Men may have discovered fire, but women have discovered how to play with it.”
“Relationships are in decline since the women came out of the cave and said “this isn’t so hard”
“At that moment, Charlotte realised, her masculine side wasn’t as evolved for a man whose feminine side was as highly evolved as Stefans.”
“This is about taking responsibility, this about being a grown up! It’s about being a man!” “I am a man. I am a tired man. It’s 5:30 in the morning here.”
“Sweetie, this is New York city, nobody loves things THAT much.”
“What is all this? “It’s an apology for being la bitch.“
“I am so tired of calming down!”
“You said you loved me!” “I do!” “Then why does it have to hurt so fucking much?!”
“After we made love, I knew it was over.”
“I was free, but there was nothing exquisite about it.”
“But the best part of being out of relationship – having a plenty time to catch up with your friends.”
“I don’t need professional help, I’ve got you, guys!” <…> “Honey, we’re as fucked up as you are, it’s like the blind leading the blind!“
“How can you not have a shrink, this is Manhattan, even the shrinks have shrinks!”
 (therapist) „So, Carrie, tell me why are you here? „Well, my friends can’t handle me anymore”
“Okay… Yeah. Maybe I’ve dated men who are wrong for me, but who hasn’t?” “But the thing they have in common is you.” “What’s your point?” “Maybe you are picking the wrong men.“
“She thought I was a game player!” “But you have to be, it’s the only way to deal with men!”
“The only place where you control a man is in bed. If we perpetually gave men blowjobs, we could run the world!”
“Jesus if he’s crazy…” “It’s the craziest ones who have the best pills.”
“The weird thing is when he tells me what to do in life – it drives me crazy, but when he tells me what to do during sex – it drives me crazy! It’s totally hot! Isn’t that weird that what I hate in life, I love in sex?”
“Was it possible that someone so stimulating in bed could be absolutely hideous in life?”
“Just because a man is divorced doesn’t mean he’s got a problem. ”
“First time is always weird.”
“I like him” “That’s just well but it doesn’t get the cream and the cupcake.”
“One thing about families: if no one’s sorry for you to go, then you probably not coming back.”
“Is your vagina in New York’s guidebooks? Because it should be, it’s one of the hottest spots out, it’s always open!”
“That is so sexy. You in bed. With my book.”
“Has anyone ever fallen asleep with you in bed?” “No, but I’m sure many of them wanted to.”
“Who we are in bed, we are in life! I’ve never met a man who was bad in bed and good in life.”
“Aren’t we all in our own recovery from something?”
“The smell is amazing. What is that?” “Me.”
“It’s like he replaced drinking with me.”
“Charlotte’s sweet hopefulness touched something in all of us.”
“Cynicism? Now there’s one advantage we have over girls who are in their 20s“
“That’s another thing about 20-something girls. They’re very considerate. You can always count on one to hold your hair back when you vomit.”
“It’s that the guy from the book party?” “Yeah…” “I’ve got to start reading!”
“A good on paper guy is a guy with good credentials who you always end up leaving for some hot guy who rides a motorcycle and doesn’t have a checking account.”
“That night we slept together but we didn’t really sleep together. It was really nice.”
“Well you can’t plan everything, life can be pretty random, too.”
“And then I realised. 20-something girls are fabulous. Until you see them with a man who broke your heart.”
“I mean, if you love someone and you break up… where does the love go?” “To their next girlfriend?!”
“And I finally got it: they’re happy, we’re over. And it was okay.”
“I miss you… Whenever something funny happens, I always wanna tell you about it…”
“Cosmopolitan plus scotch equals friendship with an ex.”
“Most women can’t handle it.” “Well I’m not most women, so unzip and get in!”
“There’s nothing more terrifying than a really big one coming at you.”
“Sweetie, it’s a penis, not a mountain Everest”
“I wish you all the best. I do. I wish you and Natasha will be very happy.” “You mean that?” “No. But I will.”
“Maybe some women aren’t mean to be taken. Maybe they’re meant to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with.”
“We’re crossing the waters to meet men.”
“You know what they say – big arms… big arms.”
“Can I get your number? Government purposes only.”
“Charlotte, did you think that we’re the white knives and we’re ones that have to save ourselves?” “That is so depressing…” “Is it..?“
“I just want a nice sweet handsome funny guy who doesn’t say things like “sweet lips”. Is that so much to ask?”
“And just like that Charlotte’s White Knight changed into White Nightmare.”
“I was so burnt in my last relationship, I was terrified to leap off into the next one.”
“I always vote for candidates based on their looks. The country runs better with a good-looking man in the White House. Look what happened with Nixon. No one wanted to fuck him. So he fucked everyone!”
“Remind me why are we voting for this guy?” “<…> I’m sleeping with him.” “Good enough for me.”
“I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party, I just believe in parties.”
“One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.”
“This is so typical of men in power, they just look to be dominated and humiliated.”
“I hate my thighs.” “Problem is not your thighs, sweetie, problem is in your head.”
“Hello, my name is Fabulous.”
“Miranda absolutely loved a man inside of her, she just didn’t like a man inside of her apartment.”
“Smoking is the only thing that keeps me balanced.”
“He’s a bisexual.” “Sweetie, I could have told that. He took you for ice-skating, for God’s sake!”
“I’m a trysexual. I try it all.”
“Samantha found Matt’s boyish arrogance annoying, unprofessional… and incredibly hot.“
“I’m never gonna be a girly girl. I never will! I’ll never be lotus flower.” “May I just say thank God?”
“No, a bad kisser is non-negotiable.”
“If you ever need me… for a party.”
“Isn’t that what you couples do? Supporting each others’ silly dreams?”
“I need you to believe in me even if you think it’s fucking stupid.”
“I really get it off me. I just hope he’s worth it.”
“You wait too long to sleep with someone, you miss the window and just become friends.”
“If he seems too good to be true – he probably is.”
“It’s not fate, it’s dumb luck.”
“It’s like he’s a kid and I end up nagging him all the time.”
“And even she was surrounded by bitches, she didn’t wanna be one.”
“A baby would’ve been a quick fix for something that would’ve never been ok!”
“Is it a contest? “Oh, please, there’s always a contest with an ex! It’s called: who will die miserable.“
“Don’t listen to her, she’s mid-break up.”
“There should be some sort of city-funded break up house for those who find themselves in need. Like, a big orphanage filled with white beds where all boyfriends could think what they did wrong, cry themselves to sleep and clean and save environment.”
“I said I wouldn’t be bothered, but… I’m bothered.”
“Give me a little BJ, up and down a couple of times, it’s done! It’s easy!” “Easy?! You men have no idea what we’re dealing with down there! Teeth placement and jaw stress and <…> and gag reflex and all the while bobbing up and down, moaning and trying to breath through our noses! Easy?! Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing!”
“She gave him head, but her heart wasn’t in it.”
“And just like that – I lost my head.”
“Fuck you!” “You wish…”
“I’m awful, I’m awful! I have this great boyfriend… God, I don’t know what I was doing…” “Nothing men haven’t been doing for centuries.”
“Aidan hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet and until he does it – you’re a free agent.”
“There’s two types of guys out there. Ones that hold your hand and the ones that fuck you. And the guys that fuck you aren’t worth of death.”
“Charlotte was thrilled. Anthony was like the pushy Italian mother she never had.”
“Do you swallow?” “Only when surprised.”
“Hey, can I speak to the manager, please?” “Yeah, that’s me.” “That sandwich over there is saying sexually explicit things to women passing by.” “What does he say?” “Eat me.” “Yeah. He’s a sandwich.” “No, he didn’t say it in a sandwich way. He said it in a sexually harassing way.” “Lady. He’s a sandwich.”  <…> “I can’t stop thinking about him.” “You’re telling me you’re turned on by a sandwich?“
“I like the idea of men in skirts – easy access!”
“There’s no need to tell this, men lie about this stuff all the time!”
“You can’t surprise a man with a dog.”
“Look at her. She screams sex, it’s so honest. I wish I could be more like that…” “Well, stop fucking complaining about it and do something about that!”
“That’s the thing about brazil [wax]. You have to be very careful about whom you ‘invite to Brazil’.”
“There I was – a Hollywood nobody.”
“If Trey could run away from their problems, so could she.”
“And there, in a South American’s living room, my Brazilian made me kiss him.”
“One woman’s Hugh Hefner is another woman’s spiritual leader.”
“I don’t like fakes.” “Oh, who cares, all that matters is what it looks like!”
“Who cares what you look like, you’re a writer!”
“Charlotte had forgot how awful single life could be. And suddenly marriage with all its problems wasn’t looking so bad.”
“I was trying to diagnose myself on the internet…” “You can do that?!” “Sure, you just type in your symptoms, hit enter and wait for the word ‘cancer’ to appear.”
“Even as a super hero, I was powerless.”
“He’s kinda cute.” “And he’s kinda asshole.”
“Why do you always have to talk about sex like that?” “Because I can.”
“Sex is something special that’s supposed to happen between two people who love each other.” “Or two people who love sex!”
“I don’t wanna be me, I wanna be someone else!” “Well, that’s the basis for a healthy relationship…”
“Once dumped, he would still dump on everyone else.”
“Look at me. This is me. I’m not a Madonna and I’m not a whore. I’m your wife. And I’m sexual, and I love you.”
“I think, I love you.” “Oh honey, that wasn’t love, that was sex…“
“So she drank to feel better about herself.”
“Miranda, only you and I can ever really know what happened between you and I. It’s nobody else’s business.”
“If you are single there’s one thing you should always take with if you’re going out on a Saturday night – your friends.”
“We were the single people in there.” “Miranda, we’re the only single people everywhere.”
“But you’re still looking outside yourself, it’s [soul mate idea] saying you’re not enough!” “Are you enough?” “Today she’s been too much…”
“You have to grab 35 by the balls and say ‘Hey, world, I’m 35!'“
“When I’m done with them – I’m done with them.”
“He’s hot!” “He’s a priest!” “He’s a hot priest!”
“Your face is glowing, did you get a facial or something?” “…I masturbated all afternoon…”
“I masturbate whomever I like! It’s imagination! It’s fine and perfectly healthy!”
“Clooney is like a Chanel suit – he’ll always be in style.”
“And I hate saying this, but… it felt really sad not to have a man in my life who cares about me. No special guy who would wish me a happy birthday. Not a goddamn soul mate. Now i don’t even believe in soul mates…”
“I’m 35…” “Oh shut the fuck up, I’m 140.”
“Hey, how’d you feel about soul mates?” “Well, I like the word ‘soul’. I like the word ‘mate’. Other than that you got me.”
“Oh, who gives a fuck what people think, this is a fabulous opportunity!”
“What you think, love?” <…> “I don’t know, whatever you think.” “No, change your mind to something better.”
“I’m going to prescribe an antidepressant.” “But I am not depr…” “It’s not for you, it’s for your vagina.”
“Was it me? Suddenly I wasn’t sexy? What does it mean?” “Who knows, he’s a man! You can lay your pussy on the table right in front of one and still not know what is he thinking…”
“Is that Italian?” “Sicilian.” “Is that different?” “Yeah.”
“Stanford, no one is listening to me, I keep telling them I am fabulous…”
“I was rejected by someone I’m not interested in. I hate when that happens.”
“Oh, who cares who (you two) are, just enjoy it!”
“The more words we invent, the harder it becomes to define things.”
“Trey and I made out in a movie.” “Now that’s retro.”
“Maybe Ray is the one!” “Your clitoris seems to think so.”
“And now, a penis was running her life.”
“The next morning, I woke up with a new thought. Maybe Ray was like jazz and instead of trying to make him something else, I needed to let go and appreciate him for what he was… truly mindblowing sex.”
“Talking about my penis – we both agree.”
“But nothing is more frightening in a prospect than running into an ex before you’ve had your morning coffee.”
“How you doing?” “Good! You know… boring.”
“It’s not a party, it’s a parade of our failed relationships!”
“All we do is lie around, take baths together and talk about our feelings.” “I think they call that a relationship.”
“What’s the fun of being clean if you can’t get dirty first!”
“Why didn’t you introduce me to that Shawn?” “Well, uhm, he’s nobody! Just the guy I used to fuck.”
“There was no sign of him. But he was everywhere.”
“I don’t want talk, I want passion, I want fireworks!”
“It’s been two days. I was worried. And you didn’t even call me.” “Neither did you.”
“Does he look better or I’ve just been with a woman too long?”
“There’s one room, in every marriage, that forces the question: how long do we want it to be just the two of us?”
“I finally had to sit on his face to shut him up…”
“Oh, you guys… Trey and I are trying for a baby…” “Why?!”
“There’s something happening with the men and the ass…”
“Then Trey told the lie that all parents-to-be tell themselves in order to procreate: our kid will be different.”
“You seem to have a lot of opinions today.”
“I know you can’t forget what happened, but I hope you can forgive me.”
“Sounds like he needed a good kick in the ass, which is what you gave him.”
“A squirrel is a rat with a cuter outfit!”
“Fuck… I think I’m in love.”
“You’re a man of few words, but you are the right ones.”
“The only thing in the kitchen I ever did successfully was a mess.”
“City girls are just country girls… only with cuter outfits.”
“Okay, this is less than a desirable situation, but it happens!”
“Here, swear on Chanel.”
“I don’t know why I’ve lied to him.” “Maybe you’re used to of wanting him to think in the certain way.”
“No judgement.” “Sounds like a judgement.”
“The only worse thing than a liar is a bad liar.”
“43?” “That’s my scary age.” “Mine’s 45.”
“I saw a ring and I threw up.” “That’s my reaction to marriage.”
“How can I marry a man who doesn’t know which ring is me?!” “Exactly, honey. Wrong ring – wrong guy.“
“Well, I’m still not ready, but when am I gonna be ready?”
“Maybe he is the right guy for me. I’m just not ready…” “You’re never gonna be ready, baby. You’re not the marrying kind.”
“I’m exhausted. How much of work marriage is supposed to be?”
“Maybe there are no right moments, right guys, right answers. Maybe you just have to say what’s in your heart.”
“You don’t love me, no? “No, especially not right now…”
“It’s dickalicious!”
“Yes, we’re disappointed. But life goes on. We still have to find a way to have a giggle!”
“Why do you speak German?” “A gal has her own reasons.”
“The hard thing about fighting in relationships is <…> no referee. There’s no one to tell you which comments are below the belt or when to go at separate corners. As a result, someone usually gets hurt. And it seems the closer couple gets, the more stuff they have between them, the harder it is to figure it out why exactly they’re yelling.”
“I came home prepared to admit to how silly I’d been. That was until he wasn’t prepared to admit to how silly he’d been.“
“So that’s the thing about needs. Sometimes, when you get them met, you don’t need them anymore.”
“It’s 7:30! Were you sleeping?” “I’m pregnant, I’m always asleep.”
“Well, Aidan and I didn’t [have sex]. He fell asleep and I watched gay porn.” “See, that is what happens when people tell “I love you”!”
“<…> gay men better understand what’s important: clothes, compliments and cocks!”
“You’re not a bad person, you’re a person with needs.“
“They want us both to be in a picture.” “Why?” “Because they think we’re a perfect couple.”
“You’re gorgeous.” “Tell me something that I don’t know.”
“You followed your feelings and that’s always the rightest thing to do.”
“I think I want monogamy. I think I caught it from you, people…”
“If you don’t wanna marry me right now, you’ll never wanna marry me.”
“I’m unfuckable and I’ve never been hornier in my life.”
“Why didn’t you call me?” “I got enough troubles.”
“When a man gives you money – you give him control.”
“Samantha could’ve said “I love you”, but she was afraid that would cost her too much.”
“Why do I have all of this money if I can’t help a friend?”
“Okay, you’re drunk.” “Yeah. Cookies drunk.”
“Sex with an ex can be depressing: if it’s good – you don’t have it anymore, if it’s bad – you just had sex with an ex.”
“My name is Samantha and I am love-holic.” “Hi, Samantha”
“Miranda has son!” “This is what the world needs – another man…”
“Break ups. Bad for the heart – good for the economy.”
“Does she speak..?” “No. I love her.”
“Oh, so you came?” “Yeah, I came, I saw… I’m leaving.”
“Maybe you have to let go who you were to become who you will be?”
“I’m not getting laid, therefore I’m getting laid off.”
“And I’m back with Richard.” “Richard whose death we’d been plotting?”
“For grown ups, there’s no such safe guard.”
“Anyone who’s anyone has a book!”
“But the truth is: in these troubled times the Catholic church is like the desperate 37 year old woman: willing to settle for anything it can get.”
“Apparently, women are the main market for hope.”
“I don’t know if I believe in any of this. But I believe in you.”
“Most first dates are like job interviews with cocktails.”
“Where are all the old men?” “Dead. Or married to twenty year olds.”
“But I don’t wanna escape the drama! That’s life, that’s everything, that’s relationships’ anniversaries and kids! And I want all of that in addition to my friends!”
“Honey, relax. What can anyone say about you?! You’re fabulous!”
“I will wear whatever and blow whomever as long as I can breathe and kneel!”
“This is a sexy event, so don’t be afraid to use colours.”
“I remember you, too. I remember you naked.”
“You don’t need luck, we’re in love!”
“Even the most together women can’t keep together when it comes to love.”
“Honey, you have to let it go! If I worried about what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I would never leave the house!“
“Can I wear a baseball hat to work?” “With what shoes?”
“I’d like to return this vibrator.” <…> “That’s not a vibrator.”
“His problem is that he’s an asshole.”
“The truth is, at any given moment someone somewhere could be making a face about you. But it’s the reviews that you give yourself that matter.”
“Some of the best sex I’ve had were with people I can’t stand!”
“No, I don’t wanna date him, he’s not very… attractive.” “Ugly sex is hot!”
“And sometimes it’s not the journey, it’s the destination.”
“No dates unless they have summerhouses!”
“You’re wonderful.” “And Jewish.”
“So what are we gonna do now?” “I don’t know… dance?”
“Maybe we should go on a date before we break up.”
“Oh, sure, it’s all fun and games until someone has a child…”
“I so cannot be in love with Steve, Steve is so not the guy for me! Uh… you’re right. Steve is so the guy for me!”
“Caring is like disaster magnet.”
“You’re the most wonderful thing that ever happened to a schmuck like me.”
“Fuck me badly once – shame on you, fuck me badly twice – shame on me.”
“Hi, I need something that will make guy cum in his pants as soon as he sees me.” “You talk to salespeople like that?” “I’m here all the time, they love me.”
“I’m sleeping with him tonight, but he doesn’t know it yet!”
“Honey, when it comes to sex – spray it, not say it.”
“The only words you should be saying in bed are the dirty ones.”
“In a single gal’s life there are three important firsts: the first time you have sex, the first time you have good sex and the first time you see a guy’s you’ve just started dating apartment.” <…> “and then there’s another first – the first time you realise this really might be something.”
“I tell you: it is so refreshing to be with someone who likes to fuck outside the box!”
“There is no greater sound than your friends laughing at your boyfriend’s jokes.”
“I’m sorry, with guys it’s really simple, if we like you, we’re coming upstairs, we’re booking the next date. There are no mixed messages.”
“I would have never gone through all this trouble if I didn’t know for sure we were gonna get married.”
“That’s harsh.” “Yeah, I am harsh. I’m also demanding, stubborn, self-sufficient and always right. In bed, at the office and everywhere else.” “I already knew that.” “And that’s just a little bit about me.“
“Do you know what people out there think when they see us together, do you?!” “Yeah, I know what people are thinking, I just didn’t think you’re one of ‘em.”
“They’ll love you, because I love you!”
“It’s pathetic how far a gal would go for a good fuck!”
“Young guys aren’t threatened by strong women having power.”
“What will I tell Steve?” “Blame the baby! That’s what they are for!”
“There is a little known relationship law: when your man is down and off, you have to get up and on.”
“I knew we were having problems, but a break? What am I some horrible job he needs to get away from?”
“Hey, remember when ‘a break’ was a good thing? Spring break, coffee break, now it’s break up, breakdown… it keep getting worse! What’s next?” “Hip break?”
“No, I won’t dignify his behaviour with a response.”
“This is one of the frustrating things of living alone: there’s not always somebody to rip your clothes off.”
“Women with candles replace the women with cats. It’s the new sad thing.”
“That night <…> had sex like teenagers again, meaning, he did not know what he was doing and I did not say anything.”
“I don’t like children but my own.”
“Just got [son] Brady to sleep.” “Do you sing to him?” “Only if he’s been bad.”
“Meanwhile, I invited Jeremy to come over and watch a movie, which in high school was a code for “come over and make out.”
“I need to be honest with about something.” “That’s the worst thing you can hear from someone you really like.”
“You’ve slept with him, didn’t you?” ‘Yes” “Oh, that’s where the problems begin. You sleep with someone, you start rationalising all the way all the red flags…”
“He did something that was so perverse. Okay, I’m just gonna say it: he tried to hold my hand.”
“Honey, if you’re hurt so much, why are we going shopping?“ “I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit!”
“Why don’t you just take that dress off and kill me now?”
“The city will never go quiet. You’ll have to blockout from that New York noise and listen only to yourself.”
“So I guess this is how will be like in our 70s: no sex and board games?”
“I was kidding.” “I’m laughing on the inside.”
“She’ll be okay. She just has to feel it.”
“Well, it’s really red downstairs…” “Sadly, this what expected of Russia.”
“There is one moment in every relationship, when you risk letting someone know the real you.”
“Don’t play a hard to get with a man hard to get.”
“He’s fifty!” “That’s a good age! They’ve been around the block and know how to use their cock!”
“When did it become fall?” “Somewhere between your old reason and my boredom.”
“This is so us, we are pathetic…”
“Surviving the night of food poisoning together wasn’t the stuff of great romance, but it was the stuff of lasting love.”
“It’s too much. I’m an American. You gotta take it down a notch…”
“Forget about „special fucking day“ and be normal, please, I beg of you!”
“You are the bossiest bride in the world!” “Yes, I am, and you have to do everything I say.”
“I’d take him, he’s adorable!” “It’s four days… Adorable stops after a day and a half.“
“I’m sorry… I’m dealing with cancer.” “All of New York is dealing with cancer.”
“You can’t be sarcastic on your honeymoon!”
“Ok, there’s something in the bushes. And I hope it’s a wild animal, not Steve coming to have sex with me again.”
“Sex. Travel. Comfort and… love? and extraordinary adventures!”
“Sorry, Steve, I am an asshole.” “Yeah, you are, but you’re MY asshole.” “Sweet. And gross at the same time”.
“Oh my God… “No, oh my boyfriend!”
“I think you’re acting like a child.” “And I think you’re acting like an asshole!”
“You know… just because someone doesn’t perform the way that you want doesn’t mean you should just give up on them…”
“You are so full of shit.” “Who said I wasn’t?”
“You can take out of me Manhattan, but can’t take it out of my shoes”
“I’m reading this – you no longer exist!”
“Once the gay rumour start – it means you’re really a star.”
“I love you for loving my friends. And I love you for new walls.<…>” “Well, if you love me for that stuff, what’ll happen now..?”
“It’s a cold heart fact: sometimes there’s not enough time in the night for both your worlds.”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “I don’t know, it’s different for women. It’s all about up here with them.”
  • “You’re at very important crossroads.  For once, you want to avod doing something you know is wrong and would be destructive, both to you yourself and to the people you care about. That’s growth. That’s progress.”
  • “I recall you used the words ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ about me and how you have to have me. And I said I wouldn’t date you, and look, you survived.”
  • “Frankly, you scored so far over your head when you got her, what do you expect?” “What the fuck are you talking about?” “She’s a knockout. A 10. And look at you – you’re average, at best. So you better reconcile yourself with that or you’re gonna be fucking paranoid for your whole life.“
  • “Where’s his fucking self-control, this guy?”
  • “Fuck me? Fuck you!”
  • “Even if it wasn’t true, that’s what people think.” <…> “Why do you care what people think? You know the truth.” “I gotta live in the world. <…>“
  • “Oh so you believe all that shit they’re saying? Am I that horrible? Really?”
  • “It’s never ending, your bullshit.”
  • “I know, everybody’s an idiot to you.”
  • “Wonderful, another crisis.”
  • “Does that mean you’ve thought about my dinner offer?” “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I have thought about nothing else since you called.”
  • “The funny thing is, I was sure he was gay. He sort of reminded me of you.”
  • “Why am I the only one held to any kind of standards?”
  • “I don’t do this a lot.” “Mm, do what?” “Sitting in a car, with a man, not really knowing what to do.”
  • “Mm, you with these books…” “Mm, education should never stop. It enriches all aspects of life.” “Hmm, I know.“
    • “I didn’t have my stuff with me so he puts his faggy hand on my shoulder and says “do your best.” “Well, that’s his job, to get you into college.” “Or maybe he’s just a big homo.”
    • “Jesus Christ, Tony, everybody’s a fag to you. You know, maybe you’re a fag. You ever think about that?”
    • “Yeah, believe it or not, I thought you fucking cared about me.”
    • “Whatever I say, whatever I do, because I was married to a man like Tony, my motives will always be called into question.”
    • “It’s hard doin’ business with strangers.”
    • “Can we get a dog?” “Please!” “I’ll walk him and I’ll pick up the poo and pee.” “Pee? Right. Start with your underwear.”
    • “At least she didn’t suffer. She made all of us suffer, instead.”
    • “I was in love with that woman. She was the reason I never married.”
    • “She never knew my feelings, what could I do. For years, I suffered in silence!”
    • “I’m also a TV writer, which by default, makes me a douche bag.”
    • “He got from this woman what he couldn’t get at home. Support. You know, love. A smile when you walk in the fucking door.”
    • „Not sexy exactly, but statuesque.”
    • “I’m such a good friend, how come I never see ya?”
    • “Relax, it’s an expression.” “Well, here’s another expression: you have five days to give me my money”
    • “Thought you were paying your phone bill.” “I should have, I know… but it’s been so long sinve I’ve been able to treat myself.”
    • “What is this fucking Pulp Fiction, am I supposed to be afraid?” “I don’t know, I didn’t see it.”
    • “But through it all, one thing remained constant: they had each other.”
    • “After all these years of marriage, you know what you find yourself thinking in your private moments? Please, God, let me die first. I don’t wanna miss him.”
    • “It’s a surprise party, Jun!” “What are we, children? Anyway, at our age it’s a surprise we’re still alive every morning”
    • “Tomorrow’s gonna be a mad house, just living hell.”
      • “Oh my goodness, what a bother. Excuse us for living!”
      • “An Italian allergic to pommodori? Dio mio! You have my sympathies!”
      • “Mer, my lovely bride. Still the prettiest girl in the world.” Thank you for putting up all of these years with me.”
      • “Nice to have money.”
      • “What time did you start drinkin’ today?” “Probably right after you got up.”
      • “He’ll be fine. He’s in love.”  “Oh please.” “You know what it’s like at that age. Can’t wait to see each other…  Can’t keep your hands off each other…“
      • “But historically, historical changes come out of war.”
      • “You’re a capable guy. Your mother let it slip one time: you got an IQ of 158.” “She told you that?” “It was the week you got tested. All the fucking nuns were raving about it.” “Lot of good it did for me.”
      • “Tell him I got fax machines coming out of my ass.”
      • “Well, first of all, we’re Italian – we don’t believe in divorce.”
      • “I want what I am entitled to.” “You’re entitled to shit.”
      • “Talk to married people. That ring, believe it or not, it’s got this kind of, like, weird power.”
      • You have options. I have a lawyer.”
      • Great to see you not exerting yourself in this heath.”
      • “When New Jersey tomatoes are in season, you can’t keep these New York guys away.” “Fuck the tomatoes, I’ll take the scarole.“
      • “First he gave her the emeralds, then he gave her the pearls.”
      • “I wish you had told me.” “Yeah, I wish you’d cured it.”
      • “I worry about him.” “He’s a grown man isn’t he?”
      • “Turns out I’m just a fucking robot to my own pussy-ass weakness.”
      • “It doesn’t make you mad, you make you mad.”
      • “What are your physical feelings right now?” “I’d like to punch you in the face.”
      • “Depression is rage turned inward.”
      • “That’s the whole, beautiful point. You know what they say: “Revenge is like serving cold cuts.” “Yeah, I think it’s “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “Being at the top, he’s isolated by himself” “Yeah, it’s just him and his money.“
  • “You look good!” “Feel good.”
  • “Asshole, he was gonna call. Did he?” “Jerk.”
  • “You know, you’re getting a divorce, and I see you less than before.” [meilužė]
  • “Why the fuck does this shit always happen to me?”
  • “I’m not available right now. Don’t leave messages on this phone.”
  • “The object is to learn what you saw in me, not what I saw in you.”
  • “I’ve had a great deal of success with it treating this type of condition. I do need to warn you, however, there are certain side effects. Mind you, these are temporary. But there’s a good chance of weight gain, accompanied by Cushing’s syndrome – that’s a swelling of the facial features, sort of a moon face.” “What?” “You’ve seen Jerry Lewis in the last year or two.” “Oh my God!” “She’s planning a wedding, for Christ’s sake!”
  • “Well, like Papaye says: I am what I am!” “Well, I didn’t marry a cartoon.”
  • “People got their health, they take it for granted.”
  • “Take your fucking sorry’s and stick them in your ass.”
  • “Fuck family, fuck loyalty. You cost him a dime, you’re a fucking pariah!”
  • “This is how you leave me? When I’m almost burned to death cooking you a fucking snack?”
  • “I’m going back to my wife.” “You selfish fuck.”
  • “I wanna make a toast. To the people I love. Nothing else matters.”
  • “Whoa, slow down, slow down! Supposed to savor it. It’s important in life.”
  • “I mean,  living like this is what’s costing you your insides!” “I really need a cigarette.”
  • “Some people are better at being number two’s.”
  • “We couldn’t ever come back, Adriana.” “I don’t wanna come back. I want you.”
  • “You want some eggs?” “I need to clear my head.”
  • “Don’t smoke, next you’re gonna want vodka.”
  • “Poverty is a great motivator.”
  • “What can we say about this guy? The ancient Romans had a word. Asshole.”
  • “My grandfather said some of my ancestors were winemakers. But what the fuck do I know, huh?”
  • “But we are a family. And even in this fucked up day and age it means something.”
  • “This kid. That’s his trouble. He keeps it all bottled up! Then they wonder why they get chemical dependencies.”
  • “You never know about people.”
  • “Don’t get into fucking preamble. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”
  • “You got some unhappy people out there.” “No shit.”
  • “But we all got flaws. Even you. Seven deadly sins and yours is pride”
  • “All due respect. You got no fucking idea what it’s like to be number one.”
  • “And I do know this because I raised you from day one – you won’t like working at McDonald’s.”
  • “I’m worried, Ade.” “Everybody’s worried.” “No, I am worried all the time”
  • “What’s past is past. Leave it alone. Things are going good now.”
  • “It’s bureaucratic bullshit! In my day, they’t turn a blind eye!”
  • “No good deed goes unpunished!”
  • “Lemme tell you, A. J. No matter how close you are, your friends are gonna let you down. Family. They’re the only ones you can depend on.”
  • “If you’re lucky, in the end you can let go of your pride, let your loved ones care for you.” “I’d rather they hold a pillow over my face.“
  • “It’s less hurtful to believe that they were right to try and destroy you than to accept the fact she didn’t value you.”
  • “Here he is. “Ho, finally! I started growing mushrooms out my ass!”
  • “You want something done, you gotta do it yourself!”
  • “He’s the boss, Dyanne.” “The boss of what? He’s a piece of shit!”
  • “Does he know that he’s dying?” “We don’t know.”
  • “I don’t think that you come here cause of the sandwiches I think you come here ‘cause you miss us.” [FBI agentui mafijos narys]
  • “Remember the time when Artie and Charmaine broke up for the first time? The first time of many?”
  • “Kids this age get blown up in Iraq”
  • “I can’t believe we won’t get to do stuff that we did again… because we will. I’m positive.”
  • “I funked out of school. <…>” “With your father in a coma?”
  • “Yes, tell us. Who’s the fraud without a fairy tale.”
  • “I never saw myself as that kind of guy. I’m more behind the scenes. Wise, strategy.”
  • “The times make the man, not the other way around.”
  • “Woah, ladies’ room next door.” “Like you reach it from here.”
  • “As writers we are all hung up. But also on our own hang up. We mythologize our narrative.”
  • “An entire room. Full of writers! And you did nothing!”
  • “They totally misquoted me!” “Of course they did! That’s what they do! Which is why I and everybody told you: don’t talk to the press!”
  • “And I don’t know if I loved him in spite of it, or because of it.”
  • “He can’t talk because he got the tube in his throat. Maybe we should consider lucky ourselves.”
  • “That’s gotta feel good. The simple things.”
  • “What if somebody decides viagra is wrong? I don’t like it.” “Well. God loves procreation. No one’s saying anything against viagra. Birth control or name of the morning after pills is a sin, because it extracts at life unborn.” “Yeah, but what if somebody goes after viagra. And I’m not talking about procreation. <…>” “Something like viagra will never be an issue.”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “You wanna kick me out of here?” “Well hospital stay cause a lot of money.” “My bowels don’t work. I’m in pain. I just got up with it for chrissake.” “Well, uh, perhaps your bowels would be working better if you hadn’t tried to eat the sausage sandwich on 3.28”
  • “Tony Soprano?” “Yeah.” “Original G. “Yeah, whatever. “
  • “Salvation isn’t just about being saved from hell after you die, it’s also about being saved from yourself while you’re still alive.”
  • “What, he’s saying the dinosaurs were back with Adam and Eve?” “I don’t know, I guess” “No way! With T-Rex in the garden, Adam and Eve would be running all the time scared shitless. But the Bible says it was paradise.”
  • “From now on, everyday is a gift.”
  • “Jesus, can we talk in this family about anything besides food?!”
  • “Should be a beautiful bride, Tony.” “All brides are beautiful.”
  • “I, Eric, take you Allegra <…>” “Allegra? Ain’t that a co-medicine?” “Means happiness in Italian.” “Fucks that got to do with co-medicine?”
  • “He’s a cancer. I can’t let it spread.”
  • “Even Cinderella didn’t cry!” ‘See, when it comes to our daughters, all bets are off.”
  • “You make your own luck in life.”
  • “People see only what you allow them to see.”
  • “Carmela, wait!” “Let her go! I had a lifetime of her bullshit!”
  • “Usual guys?” “Yeah, we’re boring.”
  • “I’m telling – my business – I’ve met a lot of women. That one – ain’t getting laid.”
  • “I don’t give too much of a shit what people do behind closed doors, with the consenting adults. But don’t forget – I’m a straight Catholic!”
  • “<…> some of inside me says: God bless, I salut, who gives a shit. But I had a second chance, why shouldn’t he?”
  • “You’ve been fucking talking about every day being a gift and stopping and smelling roses. But regular life’s kinda picking at it all the way out! Your house, the shit you own – it drives you out! Your kids, what they want! One bad idea after another!”
  • “Accentuate the positive, I want you to get better”
  • “I’m not gonna bring the sources… anyway, it’s all over the place”
  • “My cousin he married! And making the mockery out of the all sacrament!”
  • “You know certain people love the drama. Like fucking high school girls!”
  • “Regarded recent humiliations, it’s an honor to be joined by MEN.” – ep 7
  • “No blood!” “No blood” [tostas]
  • “I can’t believe this, you agreed on this in the hospital!” “Christopher, I was in a coma.”
  • “I could watch her walk away all night.” “Good, ‘cause like most girls with you, that’s what she’s gonna do.”
  • “But with business sometimes shit happens, the plain field changes, whatever, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to keep your income.” – ep 7
  • “It’s nice having this again.” “Well it’s supposed to be better than ‘nice’”
  • “I do what you guys want, do I deserve some kind of life?”
  • “Rebellious?“ „Just a little tolerance for boredom.”
  • “Must be lonely sometimes, being a writer.” “You get used to it.”
  • “There are different times. Young people today are bombarded with so much information, so much input of every kind. Consequently, true adulthood is delayed.”
  • “I guess your heart was in a right place, AJ. But it’s wrong.”
  • “It’s a movie. You gotta grow up. You’re not a kid anymore.”
  • “You were young. Stubborn.”
  • “Come on, Liz, you’re drunk.” “Drunk? It’s called – depression. I haven’t drunk in years.”
  • “My kid – it’ll be different. It’ll be proud of his house.”
  • “Oh, scumbag. I should’ve kicked his ass!” “Yeah, but what did you do? Nothing!”
  • “As I always say… man is not complete until he’s married.” – ep 9
  • “But we both know – no matter how much help I gave, you’d still be here fucking complaining.”
  • “God, he’s such a mope!”
  • “This Prince Albert? Still sleeping?”
  • “It makes Bob seem weak? Your sister, too? These are acts of kindness.”
  • „Fucking Janice attracts trauma, she queens the misery.”
  • “Can I go home to a peaceful house for one goddamn night?”
  • “He was fucking stalking you!” “That’s the thing with the gays.”
  • “Look at those clouds! Paris skies!”
  • “Father put it so well last week. There’s nothing gay about hell, he said.”
  • “Well you aren’t gonna go out with him, are you? He’s, like, 26 years old.” “Duh!”
  • “We worry so much, sometimes it feels like it’s all we do. But in the end it’s just washed away. All of it, it’s just… gets washed away!”
  • “Father always says: hate the sinner, love the sinner.”
  • “What you resent Carmela doing for AJ, protecting him from his father, is the very thing you had often wished your mother would have done for you.”
  • “You know what’s strange, Ro? When you go to a place you’ve never been before it’s, like, all the people were imaginary till you got there. Like, until you saw them, they never really existed and you didn’t exist to them.” “I don’t know, maybe… maybe you’re more philosophical person than I am…” “Nah, it just made me think, that’s all. That’s just as same as when you die. Life goes on without you. Like it does in Paris when we’re not here.”
  • “He’s dead, he’s gone… What can I do about it? Light a candle.”
  • “Your friend? Someone needs to tell her she’s dead.”
  • “What are we doing now?” “I don’t know. Can’t stop thinking about fucking you one more time.”
  • “You’re right. Guy’s got a lot more in his mind than this: like, whether or not have that third sandwich!”
  • “Nice piece that necklace, where’d you get it?” “The mall?” “Should’ve told me. I got a guy…” “And I gotta job.”
  • “I can tell you, Phill. You look fantastic!” “Is it science fiction?”
  • “Lemme tell you something. I’m a cranky fuck lately…” “Lately?!”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “Thank god, I really didn’t wanna hang in over your birthday” “Look, can we forget already that it’s my birthday?” “You say that and then you get upset no one makes a fuss!”
  • “Speaking of kids and ma… Sandy said something interesting. That when we were babies, everything was fine, then ma couldn’t stand it as her babies got older and they got separated from her,  and when they started to talk and express ideas – that’s when the trouble started.”
  • “Listen to us! Morbid fucks…”
  • “You know what, Tony? Fuck the fuck out!” “Oh, in front of the baby?!”
  • “Oh… how was her name, Tony?” “Your ass.”
  • “That verbal diarrhea, you got something in that head of yours, Janice…”
  • “You two have a fight?” “I don’t know!”
  • “All in all. We’re lucky fucks. I tell myself that everyday.”
  • “Psychologically, one of persons told that dying is the ultimate loss of control.” <…> I do know he is a leader. I suspect smoking on some level is an attempt to die as he lived. In total control.”
  • “My weakness. Sometimes I think it’s in my DNA.”
  • “I know, but… this is what life’s still like? At our age?!”
  • “You seem good, Junior, I gotta say.” “Fuck does that mean, I’m fuckin’ incarcerated, for Christ’s sake.”
  • “Sick fucking world.”
  • “Oh, Madonn. He pisses in bed now? Jesus Christ fucking kill me now!”
  • “Corrado, how are you doing today?” “I’m dying slow death, that’s how I am doing.”
  • “That never works. She should just get him a dog.”[apie neklusnaus sūnaus siuntimą į karo mokyklą]
  • “Tony, you always have your business on your mind. Take a night. Smell the cognac!”
  • “You gotta act like it hurt a little more, you know. For your guys.”
  • “Your family’ had enough shame. You should set things right.”
  • “You see, how these Italians work. For the most part okay. Get them cornered – you’re dealing with nothing more than an animal.”
  • “Tragedy. Like a pebble in a lake. Even the fish feel it.”
  • “I love you.” I love you, too, Anthony. But I don’t know… maybe I don’t.”
  • “So your solutions is risk more and make things even worse?”
  • “You eat and you play, like there’s not a giant piano hanging by a rope just over the top of your head every minute of every day.”
  • “I know this is hard for you to believe, but food may not be the answer for every problem.” “Neither is acting like a little whiny bitch.“
  • “When I was using I was a disgrace, when I am sober I’m a drip. The fuck you want from me?”
  • “She was my life!” “You’re 20 years old, you barely have a life!”
  • “What you’re going through, what you’re feeling it right now… it happens sometimes. Everybody gets the blues… There’s a half-a-billion industry devoted to it!” “What, prozac?” “No, the music business. They write thousands of songs about this shit.”
  • “Listen, these fucking women… they’ll drive you nuts with your emotions and whatnots…”
  • “Majoring in cash, minoring in ass!”
  • “Obviously, I’m prone to depression. A certain black attitude about the world, but I know I can handle it. Your kids, though… It’s like when they’re little, and they get sick, you’d give anything in the world to trade places with them so they don’t have to suffer. And then to think you’re the cause of it.” “How are you the cause of it?” “It’s in his blood, this miserable fucking existence. My rotten fucking putrid genes have infected kid’s soul. That’s my gift to my son.”
  • “Pours you drink with one hand, judges you with the other if you take it.”
  • “I can’t go in particulars, but… wise girlfriends – they can complicate life in a major way.”
  • “How are you handling all this?” “Worst part? Truthfully? Is that I gotta sit there with people who ARE hurt. Bad. And I gotta have the long face in the silent in the platitude… but I don’t feel it. And that makes me feel like a hypocrite. And that makes me melt it down.”
  • “How are you hanging in, Paulolucc’?” “As well as it can be expected.”
  • “She doesn’t know… Isn’t God wonderful that way.”
  • “You sound depressed again.” “I mean, how can anybody not be? You have to be fucking nuts not to be! You have to have your head so far of your ass that you couldn’t see your own stupid face!” “What are you specifically talking about?” “Everything’s so fucked up…“
  • “For 20 years, he won’t crack a book, all of a sudden he’s the world’s foremost authority!”
  • “You don’t look so good.” “Ugh… this job!”
  • “We’d like to show you some pictures.” “Angelina Jolie I hope”
  • “The grieving process – it takes time. The closer you are to somebody.”
  • “A point where business bleeds into other shit, feelings make things financially unfeasible.”
  • “Do you have a problem?” “Not yet. Would you like one?”
  • „Essentially, it concludes that talk-therapy while not only being useless with sociopaths, actually serves to validate them. Yochelson says they sharpen their skills as conmen on their therapists.”
  • “It’s always what you think, isn’t it? It’s never how I feel!”
  • “This is gonna sound stupid. But I saw at one point that our mothers are… they’re bus drivers. They’re – no, they are the bus. See, they’re the vehicle that gets us here. They drop us off and go on their way. They continue on their journey. And the problem is that we keep trying to get back on the bus, instead of just letting it go.”
  • “Uncle Philly!” “Uncly Philly my ass.”
  • “What is this fascination with criminals?” “Rescue fantasy. They think they can fix them.”
  • “So the boy who never cared now cares about too much? And the daughter now like all females ultimately disappoints?” –
  • “What do you want from me? I am depressed.” “You wanna hear depressed? $36,000 for that car!”
  • “You’re not getting another one!” “Actually, that’s good. It’ll force me to take the bus.” “What?!” “We have to break our dependence on foreign oil.” – ep 21
  • “These are snakes with fur. The old Italians will tell you – you can’t even put them around a baby!” [apie katiną]
  •  “This fucking animal is history. Pick him up!”
  • “Maybe the army’d be great for him if there wasn’t a war going on.”
  • “Sometimes you tell a lie so long, you don’t know when to stop. You don’t know when it’s safe.”
  • “I miss you.” “I don’t wanna know you. I don’t wanna hear your voice. Don’t call me again.”
  • “You think my life’s a fucking picnic?”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

    • “Grieving is a process. Sometimes courage isn’t a value.”
    • “<…> the dead have nothing to say to us. It’s our own narcissism that makes us think they even care. It does get better with time.”
    • “Some men have to move at their own pace, Med.”
    • “Nobody knows what the future holds, my friend.”
    • “What am I gonna do, Ro?” “What’s there to do. A couple of months you’ll forget all about him.” “I don’t know if I can…”
    • “She’s becoming a wonderful woman, Carm. Smart, beautiful, independent woman that you created.” [Tony savo žmonai Carmellai apie dukrą Meadow]
    • “More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision, that’s all I’m saying.”
    • “Yes, I’m a piece of shit which the world every morning pushes out of its butt.”
    • “Divorce is very hard for children. After this they don’t trust. I’m a child of divorce.”
    • “Those fucking phones. We were better off years ago.”
    • “Well, don’t worry, I’m going to hell when I die.”
    • “Can I tell you something, Tony?” “Don’t prentend like I got choice.”
    • “Who knew all this time you wanted Tracy and Hepburn?” [po daug metų santuokos]
  • “Marriage can be very hard work if both aren’t pulling that load.”
  • “They paint everything the worst, these news people.”
  • “Oh, let’s face it, Lowenstein, women are more devious than men.” [filmas]
  • “Her questions make me as dizzy as her perfume.”
  • “Lot of changes since you went away. Twenty years, Madon’” “You know what the biggest change for me is? Broads shaving their bushes.”
  • “All I’m saying is if you get some extra responsibilities, you should extra benefits, too.”
  • “Enjoy it, girls! I’ve been enjoying it looking at you all night!” “Get some fucking glasses…”
  • “Life’s too short, Chrissy. You can’t waste it fighting with your friends.”
  • “I don’t think you get this. I want you.” “And that’s very flattering to me.”
  • “I just wish my mother could’ve seen it.” “Well, wherever she is, I’m sure she’s proud.” “Actually, I think I know exactly where she is , and it’s pretty fucking hot.”
  • “He’s a good kid, huh? Smart.” “Fucking weirdo if you ask me.”
  • “You goddman clown.”
  • “Hello? Oh, that’s terrible. Where’s he gonna be laid out?” „Who now? Goddammit…”
  • “Anthony. Anthony, did I ever tell you I want to be cremated?” “About four times.”
  • “Lorraine, you’re looking good!” “Yeah, keeping it together with Pilates and gin.”
  • “Oh, I swear, you still look exactly the same!” “Oh, so you’re still full of shit?”
  • “Jesus you’re back on your feet already?” “You hit the ground running and then you don’t look back, huh?”
  • “Oh, God. All these years and you could get nothing!” [skyrybos]
  • “Marriage is beautiful in the beginning, but two, three years later…” “You’d think there’d be some romance, at least.” “Janice, you’re a newlywed!” “I know. Six months, and Bobby still hasn’t found my rosebud.”
  • “God, is that all you think about, is your fucking working?”
  • “I am being, like, ripped apart here just snitching on people. For what? What do I get out of it?”
  • “And nowhere but the FBI is the line clearer between the good guys and the bad guys. And you’re with the good guys now.” “Wow. Jesus…“
  • „Listen to you. Why you always talk like a whore?” “Because men like it.”
  • “I tell you, I’m having a fucking time. Stay out late, come home drunk, fuck anyone I want.” “Yeah, so what’s the difference?” “I don’t know. It’s a mindset.”
  • “I wanna be absolutely fucking sure, that’s what I wanna do!”
  • “Who knows why people do what they do.”
  • “Here he is, Mr Clean”
  • “Look, Bobby, marriage or any partnership, for that matter, is a give and a take.”
  • “Jason, men are talking here.”
  • “Get your coat and we’re leaving.” “I don’t have a coat.” “Then get movin’, goddammit.”
  • “He’s a goddamn hothouse flower, that’s his problem.”
  • “If anyone cares, I’ll be upstairs lying down .”
  • “Now I gotta unfuck what you just fucked up!”
  • “He may have Alzheimer’s, I don’t know.” “Good, maybe he’ll forget my phone number.”
  • “Well, there’s fucking compromises in life, Paulie.”
  • “Just take your medicine, Uncle Jun. Make you feel better. Help with your memory.” “Believe me, there’s plenty I’d like to forget.” “Yeah, you and me both.”
  • “He’s old. How do you think that feels?”
  • “I’m so worried, I’m not angry anymore.”
  • “She’s covering him. That’s what sisters are supposed to do.”
  • “And don’t call me ‘godfather’ with that cute fuckin’ smirk”
  • “Jesus Christ, Feech, I’m trying to ease your transition here and this is the thanks I get?”
  • “You gotta remember, I still think of you as a kid. I’ll learn.”
  • “They all handle tragedy differently.”
  • “So you were married?” “For about, well, five minutes”
  • “Only thing better than in Russia is the food.”
  • “What do you gotta be stressed about? That bar?” “War, Christopher. The Middle East.”
  • “Listen, don’t say anything to anybody, okay? You know, people hear cancer, they start to bury you already”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

Pirmasis mano 2018 metų pusmetis buvo paskirtas su pertraukomis (dėl suprantamų  užimtumo priežasčių) „Sopranams” – serialui, pasakojančiam apie viena šeimą. Mafijos šeimą. Ir boso Tony Soprano tikrąją šeimą. Kiek ji tikresnė už biznio šeimą patiems mafijos nariams – kartais serialo eigoje kertiniuose vertybių lūžiuose gali suabejoti.

Mane sužavėjo šis serialas tuom, kiek temų vienu ypu jis aprėpia savo scenarijumi. Todėl taip, kad surinkau citatas, atsitiko visai netyčia – man tiesiog užstrigo viena veikėjos frazė, ir aš ją užrašiau. Paskui pradėjau užrašinėti visas… Ir taip išėjo, kad kai sukėliau visas į vieną failą, pamačiau, kad išeina beveik 10 000 žodžių. Sutvarkiau, iškopiravau – 7000. Ir kiek dar dėl neatidumo praleista gali būti!

Tad pamaniau, kad keliomis dalimis būtų nieko su Jumis pasidalinti tomis citatomis, kurias prikaupiau. Jei Jūs nieko prieš..?

Šiame įraše pirmieji sezonai – skaitydami visas dalis, matysite, kaip progresuoja scenarijaus rašymas – man pačiai buvo labai įdomu tai užfiksuoti. Tiesa, kad nebūtų spoileris – citatų iškarpos išmėtytos skirtingomis dalimis.

Taigi, prašom:

  • „What’s different between you and me? It’s you’re going to hell when you die.“
  • „I’m not dead, unfortunately for some.“
    • „Jack’s so mean he’s gonna scare his cancer away.”
    • „You know the thing about us wise guys? The hustle never ends.“
    • „What do your wife, your mother and your daughter have in common?“ „They all break my balls.“
    • „That’s the problem with you people: every time you see a problem, you turn it into a disease!“
    • ‘I can’t tell if you’re old-fashioned, you’re paranoid or just a fucking asshole.“
    • “It’s a new fucking day!” “It’s fucking depressing.”
    • “Yeah, go silent, that’s you. You’re just screaming your head off or fucking dead!”
    • “I love you.” “That is such a lie.”
    • “Top guys have dark mood. Winston Churchill – he drank one pale of brandy before breakfast. And Napoleon? He was moody fuck, too.”
    • “She’s too miserable to die.”
    • “What this thing needs is what we call a “brogan adjustment*” [*tapke padaužyt televizorių ar kažką, kas neveikia[
    • “Oh Christ, let the pope live with him!“
    • “How come every piss I take is a new story?”
    • “There’s no cure for life.”
    • “If you’re looking for purpose of life, doing what’s right is your purpose.“
    • “Well, Sartre was a fucking fraud.”
    • ‘The world is a jungle. And if you want my advice Anthony – don’t expect happiness.”
    • ‘When you’re married you understand the important of fresh products.”
    • “We need to talk. You need to listen.”
    • “We’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell.”
    • “We weren’t educated like the Americans, but we had the balls to take what we wanted.”
    • “Do what you do to a girl you wanna fuck. Make him love you.“
    • “You can’t be honest with me, so at least have balls to be honest with yourself”
    • “You’re only religious when it suits you”
    • “I’m supposed to get vasectomy when this is my male heir?”
    • “I gotta learn to control my emotions around the people I love.”
    • “So I get mad at you. I see myself in you.”
    • “All I want is you. That’s all I ever wanted. I want you to be true and to be mine.”
    • “I gotta be loyal. Without that we crumble.”
    • “Are you smoking marijuana? I wanna watch the TV!”
    • “It’s bittersweet, this period. You’re glad they’re growing up, but you’re sad to lose them.”
    • “Those who want respect, give respect.”
    • “You know what’s even stranger? For a second, I believed you.”
    • “Better be good. I’m in the WWIII over there.”
    • “I’’m gonna say some bad words. and you’re gonna have to deal with it.”
    • “My fucking head is swimming here!”
    • “I’m always being sent away. Why do I even bother going anywhere?”
    • “There’s nothing with wanting to be safe. That’s a basic human need.”
    • “Don’t mess with the Russians, Janice. That’s all I’m gonna say.”
    • “Being a parent. This is the hardest job. This shit’s tougher than any of this we do.”
  • “The whole fucking world’s about your self-esteem. Or maybe you don’t have enough.”
  • “You haven’t talked to me in weeks, but my money’s still green.”
  • “Every time I hear your voice on the phone, I know what it’s gonna cost me. Time. Money. You never do anything to simplify my life.”
  • “He smoked those Camels since he was in short pants”
  • “A night like this, you’re gonna make me drink alone?”
  • “Going into business with a gangsta isn’t a risk. That is a guiranteed disaster!”
  • “Artie, when are you gonna learn? Be happy in thine self!”
  • “For what? For talking to some putana?“
  • “When you’re sick, people look at you differently, they treat like a fucking nonentity. I’m not kidding.”
  • “Be sure to call when you need some money.”
  • “But I’ve got a family. They give me gifts.”
  • “Why was I born handsome instead of rich?”
  • “You’re being particularly quiet today?” “Sometimes I got nothing to say.”
  • “Do yourself a favor, keep what you hear to yourself.”
  • “That’s why they invented microwaves. For inconsiderate husbands.”
  • “It seems like she sleeps an awful lot.” “They all do” [apie studentus]
  • “These doctors. It’s not like on TV”
  • “You’re not even married yet, you’re dipping into whores already”
  • “And one thing you can’t say – the thing you haven’t been told”
  • “You and those romance novels, Rosalie.”
  • “Fine, I’ll call. But my excuse will be not as far as nice as yours.”
  • “Serial killer. I murdered 7 relationships.”
  • “Particulars aren’t important. He fucked up.”
  • “It’s not that I don’t wanna go. I’ve been hurt. Just give me some time, okay?”
  • “I have to sit there and take care of these people hour after hour. With all their problems. And some of them are very real. And very serious. And I’m sorry. I care, I really do. But it’s hard sometimes, I just wanna say, “I hurt!””
  • “It takes tremendous strength of will and inner resource to soldier on as you do at your work.”
  • “Good questions.” “Then what’s the fucking answer?” “Who said there is one. That’s what being a boss is. You steer the ship the best you know. Sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can”
  • “On your mother’s birthday?” “It was not. It was after midnight”
  • “Just when everything was going good, huh?”
  • “ the men in our lives have been, you know what, and we stay together, “
  • Amazing thing about snakes is that they reproduce spontaneously.” “What do you mean?” “They have both male and female sex organs. That’s why somebody you don’t trust, you call a snake. How can you trust a guy who can literally go fuck themselves?” “Don’t you think that expression would come from the Adam and Eve story? When the snake tempted Eve to eat apple?” “Hey, snakes were fucking themselves long before and Adam and Eve showed up, T“
  • “Well I guess that’s how life is. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good. Things come and things go.”
  • “You know you sometimes gotta get away and stop and smell the gorilla shit”
  • “The progress you make is entirely up to you.”
  • “I’m just thinking about our former friend.” “Never about me. Never!”

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