‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “Nothing Christmas ham couldn’t fix.”
  • “Ho fucking ho”
  • “Shyness is a curse.”
  • “In the end, fuck Santa Claus.” –
  • “You bullshit me and you betray my daughter!”
  • “Family. Nothing is more important.”
  • “If I wanted to be treatred like shit, I’d get married.”
  • “Victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan.”
  • “Who cares about shit they don’t have the balls to say to your face?”
  • “The one thing, the one thing, Ralph, that you cannot do, is blame yourself.”
  • “Just another Irina with a college degree.”
  • “The expiration date on your bullshit was last week.”
  • “It’s all i got, pal. Time.”
  • “If she keeps regressing, she’ll get back in the womb.”
  • “You are the dad. The template for all the future lovers.”
  • “Making her happy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world of my career.”
  • “Blow off their self-esteem issues.”
  • “If they say spaghetti and meatballs, you tell them orecchiette with broccoli raab.”
  • “Mussolini was Hitler’s bitch”
  • “We’re the victims here.” “Oh you write a check, too?”
  • “God give me the strength” “She will.”
  • “This is a major PR boner.”
  • “So you finally read a book and it’s bullshit.”
  • “Somebody’s talking too much. And it’s costing me money.”
  • “So much love for her, such complete and pure emotion. I felt unworthy to even be in his presence. I was so moved by him.”
  • “You saw in this man the things that you want in your life. Truth. Love.”
  • “Speak the truth. But with the compassion and respect <…>. And say goodbye. For his sake and as well as yours”
  • “Senior year. There’s something about that light at the end of the light that can be very frightening.”
  • “God, listen to you. Believe it or not, the world does not revolve around you.”
  • “I’m so bored I feel like crying”
  • “Times like this, I remember when I lost Mikey. It’s impossible to think about food. But like the President says – we have to keep going. The family’s gotta eat.”
  • “The way they medicate kids these days is the answer for everything! And then they wonder why teenagers get hooked on drugs”
  • “And tell that midget not to be shy with that whip.” “If only his mother had taken that advice.”
  • “Each of us is alone in the fucking universe.”
  • “Jesus, Mary and Joseph.”
  • “I love you so much.” “So if you love me, stir my eggs, okay?”
  • “It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. And I gotta rot in that courtroom.”
  • “The greatest cultural centre in the world, and you came here for sex?”
  • “They miss a payment, they start  acting like they’re doing you a favor if they give you anything. And then you gotta spend all your time hounding them. You gotta get your arms around this thing. Now.”
  • “You fucking French fucking lying cocksucker!”
  • “Can’t you come and talk to me? Hey, hey, I’m you friend! Suppose you hadn’t reached me and I come to your house and I find you dead. How am I supposed to feel?!”
  • “Please, I don’t blame you – I envy you.”
  • “Is that the kind of  person I am? A hawk? That’s an animal!”
  • “One suicide is bad enough, but two? They can both go and fuck themselves.”
  • “Sometimes there’s money in shit.”
  • “All right, all right. Take it easy. It’s in ancient history”
  • “The heart also wants what the dick wants.”
  • “Eat my dust, Donald Trump”
  • “It’s good that you’re sorry but no, it’s not all right”
    • “Vegas? Wanna get married by some Elvis impersonator?”
    • “How much is enough anyway?”
    • “No morals, but I got rules”
    • “Is everything or everybody really about their mothers?”
    • “I didn’t live 84 years to be nice to somebody I don’t like”
    • “I mean, there’s no way to know what it’s like until it happens to you.”
    • “First question. “What is today’s date?”” “A blonde with big tits and a hatful of Viagra.”
    • “Can’t I just be sad for a horse without some touchy-feely-Freudian-shit component to it?”
    • “It’s like some asshole is stalking the entire human race.”
    • “My wife prays to God. What kind of God does this shit?”
    • “Take it easy. Don’t do something you’re gonna regret.”
    • “I am like a visitor in my hometown. Life went on without me there.”
    • “I try to talk to her, but there is no communication, like with some people, you know what I mean?” “That’s what love is built on.” “Si.“
    • “So you’re not fucking him? So this isn’t really real.” “It is real. We communicate. He looks at me like I’m beautiful. He thinks I’m interesting when I talk. Just those few minutes when we see each other, I live for those. “I feel like my life is slipping through my fingers, that I will never be happy.” “If you haven’t slept with him yet, don’t.“
    • “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Dominic and I am an alcoholic and an addict.” “Don’t forget – scumbag.”
    • “An intervention is a non-judgemental confrontation.”
    • “In 1997, I suffered a relapse. As in heroin addiction, alcoholics suffer a fairly high recidivism rate.” “Great. So he’s taking advice from a two time loser.”
    • “Well, I wish I knew your secret. Lose a leg and start making websites.” “That’s the whole purpose for people like me, to inspire people like you.“
    • “You got too much time to think of yourselves.”
    • “You should see yourself right now. In the shadows there, with the smoke all around you. You’re beautiful.”
    • “It’s a sin to waste good food.”
    • “That’s what I miss the most – talking to her.”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “Being at the top, he’s isolated by himself” “Yeah, it’s just him and his money.“
  • “You look good!” “Feel good.”
  • “Asshole, he was gonna call. Did he?” “Jerk.”
  • “You know, you’re getting a divorce, and I see you less than before.” [meilužė]
  • “Why the fuck does this shit always happen to me?”
  • “I’m not available right now. Don’t leave messages on this phone.”
  • “The object is to learn what you saw in me, not what I saw in you.”
  • “I’ve had a great deal of success with it treating this type of condition. I do need to warn you, however, there are certain side effects. Mind you, these are temporary. But there’s a good chance of weight gain, accompanied by Cushing’s syndrome – that’s a swelling of the facial features, sort of a moon face.” “What?” “You’ve seen Jerry Lewis in the last year or two.” “Oh my God!” “She’s planning a wedding, for Christ’s sake!”
  • “Well, like Papaye says: I am what I am!” “Well, I didn’t marry a cartoon.”
  • “People got their health, they take it for granted.”
  • “Take your fucking sorry’s and stick them in your ass.”
  • “Fuck family, fuck loyalty. You cost him a dime, you’re a fucking pariah!”
  • “This is how you leave me? When I’m almost burned to death cooking you a fucking snack?”
  • “I’m going back to my wife.” “You selfish fuck.”
  • “I wanna make a toast. To the people I love. Nothing else matters.”
  • “Whoa, slow down, slow down! Supposed to savor it. It’s important in life.”
  • “I mean,  living like this is what’s costing you your insides!” “I really need a cigarette.”
  • “Some people are better at being number two’s.”
  • “We couldn’t ever come back, Adriana.” “I don’t wanna come back. I want you.”
  • “You want some eggs?” “I need to clear my head.”
  • “Don’t smoke, next you’re gonna want vodka.”
  • “Poverty is a great motivator.”
  • “What can we say about this guy? The ancient Romans had a word. Asshole.”
  • “My grandfather said some of my ancestors were winemakers. But what the fuck do I know, huh?”
  • “But we are a family. And even in this fucked up day and age it means something.”
  • “This kid. That’s his trouble. He keeps it all bottled up! Then they wonder why they get chemical dependencies.”
  • “You never know about people.”
  • “Don’t get into fucking preamble. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”
  • “You got some unhappy people out there.” “No shit.”
  • “But we all got flaws. Even you. Seven deadly sins and yours is pride”
  • “All due respect. You got no fucking idea what it’s like to be number one.”
  • “And I do know this because I raised you from day one – you won’t like working at McDonald’s.”
  • “I’m worried, Ade.” “Everybody’s worried.” “No, I am worried all the time”
  • “What’s past is past. Leave it alone. Things are going good now.”
  • “It’s bureaucratic bullshit! In my day, they’t turn a blind eye!”
  • “No good deed goes unpunished!”
  • “Lemme tell you, A. J. No matter how close you are, your friends are gonna let you down. Family. They’re the only ones you can depend on.”
  • “If you’re lucky, in the end you can let go of your pride, let your loved ones care for you.” “I’d rather they hold a pillow over my face.“
  • “It’s less hurtful to believe that they were right to try and destroy you than to accept the fact she didn’t value you.”
  • “Here he is. “Ho, finally! I started growing mushrooms out my ass!”
  • “You want something done, you gotta do it yourself!”
  • “He’s the boss, Dyanne.” “The boss of what? He’s a piece of shit!”
  • “Does he know that he’s dying?” “We don’t know.”
  • “I don’t think that you come here cause of the sandwiches I think you come here ‘cause you miss us.” [FBI agentui mafijos narys]
  • “Remember the time when Artie and Charmaine broke up for the first time? The first time of many?”
  • “Kids this age get blown up in Iraq”
  • “I can’t believe we won’t get to do stuff that we did again… because we will. I’m positive.”
  • “I funked out of school. <…>” “With your father in a coma?”
  • “Yes, tell us. Who’s the fraud without a fairy tale.”
  • “I never saw myself as that kind of guy. I’m more behind the scenes. Wise, strategy.”
  • “The times make the man, not the other way around.”
  • “Woah, ladies’ room next door.” “Like you reach it from here.”
  • “As writers we are all hung up. But also on our own hang up. We mythologize our narrative.”
  • “An entire room. Full of writers! And you did nothing!”
  • “They totally misquoted me!” “Of course they did! That’s what they do! Which is why I and everybody told you: don’t talk to the press!”
  • “And I don’t know if I loved him in spite of it, or because of it.”
  • “He can’t talk because he got the tube in his throat. Maybe we should consider lucky ourselves.”
  • “That’s gotta feel good. The simple things.”
  • “What if somebody decides viagra is wrong? I don’t like it.” “Well. God loves procreation. No one’s saying anything against viagra. Birth control or name of the morning after pills is a sin, because it extracts at life unborn.” “Yeah, but what if somebody goes after viagra. And I’m not talking about procreation. <…>” “Something like viagra will never be an issue.”

‘The Sopranos’: citatos, iš kurių išeis atpažinti save bei savo gyvenimą

  • “Thank god, I really didn’t wanna hang in over your birthday” “Look, can we forget already that it’s my birthday?” “You say that and then you get upset no one makes a fuss!”
  • “Speaking of kids and ma… Sandy said something interesting. That when we were babies, everything was fine, then ma couldn’t stand it as her babies got older and they got separated from her,  and when they started to talk and express ideas – that’s when the trouble started.”
  • “Listen to us! Morbid fucks…”
  • “You know what, Tony? Fuck the fuck out!” “Oh, in front of the baby?!”
  • “Oh… how was her name, Tony?” “Your ass.”
  • “That verbal diarrhea, you got something in that head of yours, Janice…”
  • “You two have a fight?” “I don’t know!”
  • “All in all. We’re lucky fucks. I tell myself that everyday.”
  • “Psychologically, one of persons told that dying is the ultimate loss of control.” <…> I do know he is a leader. I suspect smoking on some level is an attempt to die as he lived. In total control.”
  • “My weakness. Sometimes I think it’s in my DNA.”
  • “I know, but… this is what life’s still like? At our age?!”
  • “You seem good, Junior, I gotta say.” “Fuck does that mean, I’m fuckin’ incarcerated, for Christ’s sake.”
  • “Sick fucking world.”
  • “Oh, Madonn. He pisses in bed now? Jesus Christ fucking kill me now!”
  • “Corrado, how are you doing today?” “I’m dying slow death, that’s how I am doing.”
  • “That never works. She should just get him a dog.”[apie neklusnaus sūnaus siuntimą į karo mokyklą]
  • “Tony, you always have your business on your mind. Take a night. Smell the cognac!”
  • “You gotta act like it hurt a little more, you know. For your guys.”
  • “Your family’ had enough shame. You should set things right.”
  • “You see, how these Italians work. For the most part okay. Get them cornered – you’re dealing with nothing more than an animal.”
  • “Tragedy. Like a pebble in a lake. Even the fish feel it.”
  • “I love you.” I love you, too, Anthony. But I don’t know… maybe I don’t.”
  • “So your solutions is risk more and make things even worse?”
  • “You eat and you play, like there’s not a giant piano hanging by a rope just over the top of your head every minute of every day.”
  • “I know this is hard for you to believe, but food may not be the answer for every problem.” “Neither is acting like a little whiny bitch.“
  • “When I was using I was a disgrace, when I am sober I’m a drip. The fuck you want from me?”
  • “She was my life!” “You’re 20 years old, you barely have a life!”
  • “What you’re going through, what you’re feeling it right now… it happens sometimes. Everybody gets the blues… There’s a half-a-billion industry devoted to it!” “What, prozac?” “No, the music business. They write thousands of songs about this shit.”
  • “Listen, these fucking women… they’ll drive you nuts with your emotions and whatnots…”
  • “Majoring in cash, minoring in ass!”
  • “Obviously, I’m prone to depression. A certain black attitude about the world, but I know I can handle it. Your kids, though… It’s like when they’re little, and they get sick, you’d give anything in the world to trade places with them so they don’t have to suffer. And then to think you’re the cause of it.” “How are you the cause of it?” “It’s in his blood, this miserable fucking existence. My rotten fucking putrid genes have infected kid’s soul. That’s my gift to my son.”
  • “Pours you drink with one hand, judges you with the other if you take it.”
  • “I can’t go in particulars, but… wise girlfriends – they can complicate life in a major way.”
  • “How are you handling all this?” “Worst part? Truthfully? Is that I gotta sit there with people who ARE hurt. Bad. And I gotta have the long face in the silent in the platitude… but I don’t feel it. And that makes me feel like a hypocrite. And that makes me melt it down.”
  • “How are you hanging in, Paulolucc’?” “As well as it can be expected.”
  • “She doesn’t know… Isn’t God wonderful that way.”
  • “You sound depressed again.” “I mean, how can anybody not be? You have to be fucking nuts not to be! You have to have your head so far of your ass that you couldn’t see your own stupid face!” “What are you specifically talking about?” “Everything’s so fucked up…“
  • “For 20 years, he won’t crack a book, all of a sudden he’s the world’s foremost authority!”
  • “You don’t look so good.” “Ugh… this job!”
  • “We’d like to show you some pictures.” “Angelina Jolie I hope”
  • “The grieving process – it takes time. The closer you are to somebody.”
  • “A point where business bleeds into other shit, feelings make things financially unfeasible.”
  • “Do you have a problem?” “Not yet. Would you like one?”
  • „Essentially, it concludes that talk-therapy while not only being useless with sociopaths, actually serves to validate them. Yochelson says they sharpen their skills as conmen on their therapists.”
  • “It’s always what you think, isn’t it? It’s never how I feel!”
  • “This is gonna sound stupid. But I saw at one point that our mothers are… they’re bus drivers. They’re – no, they are the bus. See, they’re the vehicle that gets us here. They drop us off and go on their way. They continue on their journey. And the problem is that we keep trying to get back on the bus, instead of just letting it go.”
  • “Uncle Philly!” “Uncly Philly my ass.”
  • “What is this fascination with criminals?” “Rescue fantasy. They think they can fix them.”
  • “So the boy who never cared now cares about too much? And the daughter now like all females ultimately disappoints?” –
  • “What do you want from me? I am depressed.” “You wanna hear depressed? $36,000 for that car!”
  • “You’re not getting another one!” “Actually, that’s good. It’ll force me to take the bus.” “What?!” “We have to break our dependence on foreign oil.” – ep 21
  • “These are snakes with fur. The old Italians will tell you – you can’t even put them around a baby!” [apie katiną]
  •  “This fucking animal is history. Pick him up!”
  • “Maybe the army’d be great for him if there wasn’t a war going on.”
  • “Sometimes you tell a lie so long, you don’t know when to stop. You don’t know when it’s safe.”
  • “I miss you.” “I don’t wanna know you. I don’t wanna hear your voice. Don’t call me again.”
  • “You think my life’s a fucking picnic?”

Savarankiškas darbas su kalbomis: 5 paprasti nepaprasti patarimėliai KAIP

Šis blogpostas turi dvi priežastis. Pirma yra ta, kad su kalbų mokymųsi panašiai kaip su psichoterapija ar apskritai gydymu – net ir įžvalgiausias psichoterapeutas ar dideliausias ekspertas gydytojas nepadės, jei nebus paties paciento indėlio. Galiausiai – kartais žmonės kursų, kas yra lengviausias kelias pramokti kalbos, pirkalioti labai negali – pinigai nueina vis subtiliai pabrangstančiam sviestui ar būtiniausiom šmutkėm. O kalbų, kaip ir bet ko nauja, išmokti visada smagu ir pravartu. Tad surinkusi komplektėlį įžvalgų apie savo bei kitų mokymąsi, aš Jums papasakosiu, kaip padaryti, kad galėtumėte džiaugtis savo pačių daromu progresu.

Aš šiaip išjungiu tekstus, kurie neturi sąrašo, o Jūs? Taigi – 10 būdų.

  1. Nesiversti per galvą, jei su kalba nėra kontakto
    Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „stop trying to make fetch happen gif“
    Mano kelyje pasitaikė daug kalbų, kurių iš pradžių lyg ir degiau noru pramokti, tačiau vos prisėdusi, susipratau, kad… ne. Man taip atsitiko su estų kalba. Užsimaniau estiškai pramokti dėl to, kad buvo nepriklausomybių šimtmečiai ir pamaniau, kad būtų įdomus variantas pasigilinti į kitų dviejų Baltijos valstybių kalbas. Ir jei estiškai neįsiminiau, galima sakyti, nė vieno žodžio, latvių  – progresas pasijautė gan greit. Kartais tiesiog būna, kad kalbą reikia apčiupinėti, kad suprastum, jog ji… ,,ne tavo“? Gali būti, kad šalies kultūra ar apskritai kalba kažkuom Jūsų neužkabina. Dabar – o vėliau gali visaip nutikti. Pvz., prancūzų kalba mane jaukinosi ilgokai – dar dabar nesu didžiulė jos ekspertė, bet žodžius, frazes priimu natūraliau ir įsimenu lengviau nei tada, kai mokykloje su didžiausiu šiurpu žiūrėjau į bet kurią kalbinę figūrą.Todėl pasitikėkite savo intuicija – verta. Ir jei jaučias, kad kažkaip stringa ir nenorit, tai geriau susirasti kitą kalbą ir nebandyt daryt progreso dėl progreso – tai duoda rezultatų, bet katorgos būdu mokytis bus laaaaaabai sudėtinga. Greičiausiai galop Jūs tiesiog nusisuksit nuo tos kalbos ir pamesit visus mokymosi syvus.

    Ir tada tiesiog nusivilsit savimi.

  2. Psichologinis barjeras = lėtas savęs pažinimas
    Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „breaking the wall gif“
    Dažniausiai kas trukdo prabilti kalba ar tobulėti, tai psichologinis barjeras. Kame triukas, psichologinis barjeras retai pastebimas iškart – dažniausiai jis pasijaučia, kai jau moki kažkiek frazių. Tada tu pradedi savimi abejoti – lyg ir gali, bet lyg ir dar ne. Tai yra įdomus momentas mokantis kalbų, kadangi jis yra labai glaudžiai susijęs su savęs pažinimu – tu iš dalies gauni progą susipažinti su savo komforto zona ir jos ypatumais. Ir niekas kitas negali pasakyti, kas Jums padeda prisiversti nebematyti savo klaidų, įsidrąsinti, nebekreipti dėmesio į gimtakalbius ar gerai kalbančiuosius, kurie iš gailesčio pasisiūlys kalbėti kita kalba… Tai yra super individualu ir kiekvieno žmogaus dilema, kuri sprendžiama sulig kiekvienu atveju vis kitaip.
    Žodžiu, reikia rasti savo individualų būdą pastatyti protą  ant tokių bėgių, kur jis įsibėgėjęs pradaužtų ir sieną, kurią jis pratęs apvažiuoti aplinkkeliais (nes saugiau ir… racionaliau yra vengti kliūčių?). Ai, ir atsiminti, kad jei kalbėsite su akcentu – tai yra Jūsų individualumas ir netgi… sex appeal? Kodėl? Nes Jūsų tartis, klaidos ar kažkoks keistas kalbėjimo stilius kuria autentiškąjį Jus. Būtent tą Jus, su kuriuo pažindinatės mokydamiesi kalbų. Būtent tą Jus, kuris, patikėsite ar ne, intriguoja kitus labiausiai.
  3. Įsiliejimas į kultūrąVaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „culture gif“
    Mums, vokietakalbiams, vargšams, įsistrigdinusiems į kone griežčiausią gramatiką turinčios indoeuropiečių kalbos spąstus, mokykloje vis kartodavo žodžių žaismą „Deutschland kennenlernen”, kuris turėdavo būti žaismingai išvartaliojamas į Deutsch lernen, Land kennen (mokytis vokiškai – pažinti kraštą). Stenkitės užpatinkinti visus įmanomus naujienų portalus, kurie būtų ta kalba. Arba Instagramo citatų puslapius. Bandykit kur nors apie save pasirašyti viena fraze ta kalba. Žodžiu, bandykit, kad kalba taptų Jūsų kasdienybės dalimi ir patys tapkite tos kalbos kultūros dalimi. Tai labai palengvins procesą.Beje, čia galime grįžti į pirmąjį punktą – taip pajausite, ar lengvas ir ar apskritai galimas kontaktas su kalba, kurios siekiate išmokti. Į antrąjį taip pat – dažnai žmonės žiūri rusišką televiziją, skaito rusiškai ir tai renkasi kaip patogesnį variantą. Bent švelnus susigretinimas su kultūra sumenkina psichologinį barjerą – kalba atrodo artima, visai pažįstama, todėl atsiranda noras ja prabilti. Juk aš esu, toks su visom klaidom ir viskuom, irgi tos kultūros dalis?
  4. Skaitymas, serialų/filmų žiūrėjimas = darbasVaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „workworkwork gif“
    Žmonės dažnai Jums sakys, kad reik žiūrėt filmus, serialus, skaityt knygas ir jie greičiausiai nepasakys, kad tai greičiausiai būsią rimtas ir nuoseklus darbas, jei jau prisėdote su tikslu greit praplėsti savo žodyną, kad pagaliau išeitų atsipalaiduoti bendraujant pasirinkta kalba. Žinoma, Jūs galite žiūrėti serialus taip sau ir kažkiek įsiminsite žodžių (dažniausiai tokiu būdu daugiau įsimenamos situacinės frazės), tačiau kad pasiektumėte maksimalų rezultatą – privalėsite pasiimti užrašų knygutę arba įsijungti Notes savo kompiuteryje, o gal ir susirasti subtitrus būtent ta kalba, o galbūt dar ir įsijungti Google Translate (kuris nepelnytai stigmatizuojamas – trumpom frazėms, žodžiams, jis gali užvesti ant kelio) etc. Paranku pasiruošti ir scenarijui, jog gali prireikti papildomai ieškotis platesnio žodyno.Visa tai gali pareikalauti nemažų laiko sąnaudų. Kokios jos, gali priklausyti nuo daug įvairių faktorių. Gali būti, kad nuo serialo įgarsinimo (pvz. kartais aktoriai kalba be dialekto, aiškiai, o kartais, kaip man atsitiko su vokišku mob crime serialu „4 Blocks” – kažkas kalba su stipriai turkiška tartimi ir ką tu jiems. Gali būti, jog knyga ar serialas lies žodyną, kurio nepaliečiate kursuose. Žodžiu, galimos įvairios kliūtys ir vis dėlto – siūlyčiau į jas per daug nekreipti dėmesio ir bandyti suprasti, ką išeina ir ką galima išsiversti.

    Po truputį, po truputį. 🙂

  5. Perfekcionizmo visiškas visiškas VISIŠKAS VI SI ŠKAS atmetimasVaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „perfection beyonce gif“
    (kai ieškojau gif’o šitam, iš pradžių suvedžiau f**k perfection. Būta daug porno paieškose, eheh…)
    Kai paprašiau Vitalijaus atvežti vokišką trilerį iš Doičlando ir pradėjau šį skaityti, man atrodė, kad mano C1 diplomą buvo galima beveik mest šiukšliadėžėn, ir mano primiršimas nebuvo niekuo dėtas. Kalbos mokymasis, kaip ir gimtosios, trunka visą gyvenimą. Nebus taip, kad vieną dieną Jūs absoliučiai viską suprasite ir Jūsų smegeninėje tūnantis žodynas aprėps visus įmanomus žodžius. Žinoma, žodynas turi plėstis. Bet dėl didelių nepaliestų plotų nereikia pamiršti tų, kuriuos jau esate pramokę. Nereikia gėdytis to, kad padarysite klaidų. Net jei ir susidursite su žmonėmis, kurie nuneigs Jūsų kalbos mokėjimą dėl to. Tai nereiškia, kad Jūs nemokate kalbos, tai reiškia, kad tas kitas žmogus, su kuriuo bendraujate, nėra paslaugus ir supratingas. Nebijokite klausti, jei nesuprantate kokio žodžio, nepasigėdykite ir freakiškai telefone į Notes užrašyti tą žodį ir ką jis reiškia, jei taip atsitinka pokalbio su gimtakalbiu metu. Nenorėkite ir nereikalaukite iš savęs suprasti visą įmanomą žargoną, jei negyvenate toje šalyje.Mokantis kalbos svarbus ir atlaidumas sau – tai bene tas pats, kaip kiekvienąsyk prisėsti prie to paties žaidimo sunkesniu lygiu. Kažkas bus pažįstama, bet ir kinkos truputką drebės. Svarbu, prisiminkite, kad mokantis kalbos ir bandant ja prakalbti, yra daugyyybė argumentų, pateisinančių Jus ir kiekvieną bent menkiausią nemokėjimą. Stenkitės kreipti dėmesio į tuos argumentus kuo daugiau, net jei ir sunku. O ir šiaip – prisiminkite amerikiečius ir suprasite, kad bet koks kalbos pilotažas, net minimalus, jau yra jėga. Mažosios tautos dominuoja kalbų mokėjimą, todėl Jūs gėdyjatės. Bet nėra ko. Tikrai!


Ir svarbiausia – nepamirškite, kad svarbiausia mėgautis pažinimu! 🙂 Aš, pvz., dabar tingiu vokiškai prasilaužinėt barjerus etc etc. Kartais užplaukia įkvėpimas. NU IR GERAI !